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  yes, the existence of "fayenatics"--the ever zealous faye wong fans roaming the internet and taking over cyberspace is not just a folklore. actively recruiting members to the mailing list, YOU (yes you!) are welcome to join. here's how:

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  this site is divided into three major categories explained as such: the VOICE areas promote various albums, and contain lyrics, flash animations, etc. you need shockwave plugins for this section and it's very graphic intensive. you can find images and the ever-changing looks of faye in the SELF-EXPRESSION section.

if you're not sure, semi-uncertain or totally absolutely lost, come here to the HOW TO page. perhaps you'll find the guiding light here, otherwise feel free to drop us an email. we're just dying to hear from you and pacify your inquisitive little minds.

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  the inquiry official email address is and we welcome your emails and suggestions anytime. let us know what you think of the site and please correct our grammar and/or wrong chinese words. tell us why you adore faye wong, and we will send out an exclusive thank-you card (or t-shirts/mousepads while supplies last.)

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